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What would happen if Jesus returned and we found out that he wasn't the son of god, but indeed a vampire?

It's a year before the millennium and a 2000 year-old vampire wakes up from his slumber from his cliff-side tomb in Egypt. Not knowing anything about who or what he is, or this time period, he enlists the help of a journalism student, an open minded Priest and a modern-day Rabbi to find out the truth about who he is, and why over 3 billion people on the planet worship him as if he were the son of God.

Complications arise when they find that they are being followed by two groups. The Illuminati, who wants him dead and the Temple of Sect who need to protect his secret, lest the world destroy itself.

Falls the Shadow is a feature-length screenplay written by Marc Morgenstern. You can download and read it free of charge. If you like what you read I would appreciate you donate to the cause, anything would be nice.